Past, Present and Future

My mom asked me tonight if I thought Cash would remember the time that they spent together. I emphatically blurted out “Yes of course!” And then I had a more emotional reaction. I cried at the thought of how special their relationship is; how lucky both Cash and I are to have her in our lives; and that she won’t be around forever.

Cash and my mom (a.k.a Tishie) are best friends – and they have been from the get-go. The two of them will play together for hours. They play with animals, trucks, art supplies and frankly, I have no idea what they are doing. And the entire time my mom is present and engaged. She’s down on the floor, crawling around with him, making new toys appear like a magician.

It is so difficult to be fully present during the day for me. I am pulled in so many directions between housework, work and social life, marriage and other obligations. Our over-connected world moves at a pace that requires always being two steps ahead.

That got me thinking about what I remember from the past as a kid and some of my fondest memories were with my grandfather surveying his garden or gorging myself on candy while I paddle-boated and fished in his pond.

Looking to the future, what will I look back on happily as my experience as an adult and a mother? Surely it will be seeing how my relationship with my mother has changed and how much I’ve enjoyed becoming her friend, though never needing her any less than when I was a child. She’s showed me how to be a fun mom and what a gift it is to enjoy being present with my kids. Even if it’s while juggling household chores and a fledging writing career..

Jenna L. Kashou