Mind-Body Disconnection

My mind and my body are running in different directions. Well, my mind is at a constant sprint and my body has slowed to a rickety crawl. Yet, I am only 37 and yesterday looking in the mirror with my newly cropped bangs and bob, I have never looked more like my 12-year-old self. Time to restart my quest for mind-body balance.

I am slowly learning, this is where the importance of self care comes in for both body and mind. Getting them in sync is the ultimate goal, but something about the way I am designed requires a Herculean effort. My mind tells me to “Go, go, go,” but my body says “Slow, slow, slow. I know that exercise, healthy eating and sleep is the perfect trifecta for good health, but I constantly allow the demands of motherhood to deter me.

I also know practice makes perfect, but I suck at sticking to good habits. I am great at starting them, but they rarely last long. I’ve tried to maintain a regular yoga practice for years with varying degrees of success. I fully understand and feel the benefits, but I just don’t always have the discipline to stick to things. Even writing hasn’t really been a regular practice for me. I don’t have any habits or rituals even though everyone tells you it makes you a better writer.

I’ve committed to one thing every month – cranio-sacral therapy at Ananda Healing Collective and it’s given me a new outlook on a more balanced life and a new form of wellness, caring for both my mind and body simultaneously in just an hour.

It’s one good habit I am holding onto. As for the others, I can at least hold on to hope.

Me, at 12. Carefree with the summer breeze in my hair.

Me, at 12. Carefree with the summer breeze in my hair.