Where should we go for dinner? 8 Spots to Try Now

This is the age-old question in our household - and possibly yours too - what should we have for dinner?

For us, eating out is so much more infrequent these days, so I am especially selective when it comes to where we venture go to fill our bellies. This list changes from time to time, but several of these are mainstays. And if you chose to eat there, you’ll see why.

Here are eight of my favorite places to eat as of late, whether your want a casual brunch or an elegant date night meal.

Bavette La Boucherie (Third Ward) - This spot is part butcher shop and part restaurant. The menu is mostly sandwiches, salads and small plates, but the flavors are exquisite. Pick a spot at the bar and watch the onsite butcher practice his craft. I love this concept of casual gourmet.

Bavette La Boucherie on a busy Friday lunch shift.

Bavette La Boucherie on a busy Friday lunch shift.

Char’d (Third Ward) - Going out for Asian food is my favorite, probably because I have no idea how to cook it myself. This new restaurant has a beautiful ambiance and a new take on classic Korean cuisine, with sizzling meats, fresh veggie dishes and kimchee for days!

Fuel Cafe (Walker’s Point) - Breakfast all day is never a bad concept. Fuel Milwaukee also has a separate cafe space, huge U-Shaped bar and plenty of healthy (and unhealthy) lunch options.

Hotel Madrid (Walker’s Point) - This “hotel” has two guest rooms but it’s really known for its amazing food, craft cocktails and events. We’ve done brunch, dinner and late night snacks here and it never disappoints. The patio is getting revamped for this summer, just in case you need another reason to go.

The Noble (Walker’s Point) - Small space, big portions and huge flavors is how I’d describe this little six-table restaurant. There are only a handful of dishes offered and they’re different every night. It’s the perfect, intimate spot for a date night.

Ardent (East Side) - This is the place if you want a full dining experience. The nondescript garden level entrance does not prepare you for the creativity and level of cuisine you will experience when you arrive. The tasting menu is always a good option, but it’s pricey, so we like this a celebration spot.

Lake Park Bistro (East Side) - The French just understand indulgence in different and better ways than Americans. Case in point, the classic French cuisine (with so much yummy butter!) at Lake Park Bistro. Situated in the lovely Lake Park, the large dining room has a way of feeling both expansive and intimate. If you’re not big on French food, I’d also suggest Bartolotta’s Baachus restaurant, which offers more traditional American cuisine and exceptional service.

Amilinda (Downtown) - This has been one of my favorite spots for any and every occasion since it opened in 2015. The attention to detail in the flavors and preparations of the Spanish and Portuguese-inspired dishes are just amazing.

Lake Park Bistro Milwaukee restaurant.jpg